Does Sizegenetics Successfully Work?

The answer to this question is a big yes. The main goal of SizeGenetics is to extend or lengthen the size. In addition to this, SizeGenetics has additional rods that extend the reach of the device when it has already gained length. Apart from this, the device has been tested and studied by professionals to work safely with maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, it has been proven 97 percent effective in helping men get permanent thickness and length. Aside from this, the device has been proven 70 percent effective in correcting deviations or curvature.

Will Sizegenetics Hurt?

When SizeGenetics utilized properly, you can be sure that it will not hurt. The device comes with additional pads and strap for maximum comfort. In addition to this, there are no reported injuries for using SizeGenetics. Some men may experience soreness, but that is normal when you are using an extender. Apart from this, extenders will not cause problems like most men usually think.

How Long The Sizegenetics Should Be Utilized?

SizeGenetics must be utilized for about 6-12 hours a day, but it depends on your preference. The amount of time you should wear SizeGenetics should reflect on the size gains you want to acquire. The extender must be worn not more than 5 days in a week for the period of 4-6 months. Some experts recommend that you utilize the extender along with a personalized program. Aside from this, you can also use the extender for as long as you like for maximum girth gains and length.

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